Monday, November 10, 2014


Our grandson Luka celebrated his third birthday last week.  He's quite the little man already.  Here he is in grandpa's t-shirt...

... on his birthday last Tuesday.  It's amazing how the gender differences begin to show already.  He loves trucks...

... especially monster trucks.  He loves Hot Wheels.  He loves building things and breaking them down again.  He loves to race around the garden... and he loves to win.  He loves to go wild.

He loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

And of course he loves his little penis.  I have a wonderful picture of him lying gloriously naked on the wooden floor of the corridor in our house, legs in the air, a big grin on his face as he exposes his little fanny and his penis.  I was about to post it here, but Ellie reminded me that these things can suddenly become very public and that there are people out there on the alert for child pornography.  What a shame!  It's an image of sheer, uninhibited, shameless ecstasy, of masculine--even though tiny tot masculine--exhibitionism.  And I dare not include it on my blog for fear of being accused of this perversion.

Ah well, our Luka is a gorgeous little boy, aware already in a little boy's way of his body's approach to the pleasures of manhood.  I watch him from the perch of my advanced years with the peculiar joy known only to a grandfather.  I suppose there is some ancestral gene at work in the dark recesses of the reptilian brain, the satisfaction of the propagation of one's family, father to son or daughter, and to grandson. But more powerful than that, to my mind, is the simple experience of truly unconditional love.

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